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Healthy Habits for You and Your Colon

Your Colon is the Finish Line.

Just like getting across any other finish line, alot of work goes into having healthy bowel function.  Your diet, hydration, sleep quality, and stress levels can all influence your bowel function.

Water Intake



a minimum of 64 ounces


and up to


120 ounces daily!

Water makes up 2/3 of your body, and you are continuously losing water during your body's metabolic processes.  The more active you are, the more water you need.  Foods have variable water intake, which impacts how much water you need.  I encourage you to notice whether you may need to improve your water intake.


Fiber Intake

Fiber works like your kitchen sponge.  It soaks up the water in your colon and becomes softer and bulkier.  This makes your poop soft and easy to pass!  That's a great way to get across the finish line!  You can find out about high fiber foods here.


Most adults need 

20-40 grams of fiber daily.

Sleep Quality


Maintain a regular 

bedtime and 

waking time.

Sleep restores you, including your colon.  Just as sleep is important to getting a racer across the finish line, sleep is important to helping your poo cross its finish line.




Stress is a part of life.  Try to 

limit stressful activities


(including heavy meals!) and 

thoughts around bedtime.

Notice what is happening in your life, in your evenings before bed, and in your mind on nights when you sleep well versus poorly.  Notice how you react to stressful triggers.  Do you need help with stress management?  You are not alone!

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