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Why do I need a bowel preparation?

Great question!  There are a few reasons cleaning out the colon is helpful for your colon surgery:

1.  Decreased risk of wound infection.

2. Decreased risk of colon injury during surgery.

3.  Decreased risk of constipation after surgery.

4.   Ensures that endoscopic visualization is possible if it is needed during the surgery.

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Whether you need an oral prep, an enema, or both depends on your surgery.
Refer to your office visit paperwork to be sure you do the correct bowel preparation.

Abdominal Surgical Bowel Preparations

Oral Bowel Preparation

Begin your surgical preparation at least one week before surgery.

Oral + Enema Bowel Prep

Check your office instructions to know whether you also need to this.

Anorectal Surgical Bowel Preparation

Anorectal Surgery Bowel Preparation

This is less involved than preparation for abdominal surgery.

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